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As she headed out to the Essence Festival last week, one-half of the Gospel duo, Mary Mary, posted three photos on her Facebook page with the message: “I’ve been styled by Goo! #essencefest.”

Some of Erica Campbell’s Facebook fans immediately took issue with her choice of clothing, leaving comments such as the following:

Nichole Farve: Idk…I know that the body of Christ is changing into a more modern look… And I also realize that she is branding herself and since the whole ‘white dress’ incident… it got her so much attention that she had to upkeep an image…But when is the limit pushed a lil too far??? The outfit is HOT, yes… But would I expect a gospel icon to wear it to perform… Maybe not…probably not…

Ebony Stennett- Scott: Hott mess….never liked how she styles…PLEASE hire someone else…clothes always look cheaply made & thrown together

CM Alexander: Will she be singing at the club? Too much..

Not all fans thought the outfit was “too much” though. Some defended the singer saying the church had more important things to focus on than how someone dresses.

Devan Vs DNikki: Some of yall comments is the reason why a lot of people don’t like coming to church. Yall so quick to judge. Yea she a gospel singer but she is also human. She not walking around with her butt cheeks hanging out. Just because she a gospel so singer don’t mean she gotta dress like a old woman.

Ramell Miles: Oh Wow!!!!! I love the outfit & the hair!!!!! What I’m hurt by is all the comments concerning being dressed too sexy…NOT!!! As a P&W lead and minister at my church, we are called to a certain level of modesty…HOWEVER…I don’t see anything exposed and to minister to some unsaved folk down at the Essence Festival, I say YES!!!!!! Church folks too focused on the outside, not looking on the internal being…. #EricaCampbellHasAHeartToWorship

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