Keke Palmer says she is “blessed” to be the youngest talk show host in television history with BET’s “Just Keke,” but the former child star is doing so without making apologies for being a less than perfect Christian who expresses herself on her own terms.

Keke, 20, has starred in major productions like the movie “Akeelah and the Bee” and honed her craft as a Nickelodeon star for years. Now, the actress and singer with over one million Twitter followers is giving fans a glimpse of her own personality with a talk show that tackles important issues to today’s Millennials from social awareness, to fashion and relationships.

While Keke grew up in a Christian household near Chicago where she sang in a church choir, she formed her own relationship with God outside of her parents by the time she was 16. Still, Keke acknowledges the fact that she is not a perfect Christian, but a human being whose faith is strengthened by her life experiences.

“I think that’s the whole point to Christianity.. you have to live your life in order to understand God,” she told The Christian Post. “It’s not about walking around trying to be perfect or going by a rule book.”

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