2014 is already on its final lap and if you blink you may miss some of the best Gospel albums of the year. Most fans have already discovered awesome new releases in ’14 like Amazing featuring Ricky Dillard & New G or Thank You For All You’ve Done by Beverly Crawford but there’s another basket of goodies waiting to be heard by music lovers. Here are ten albums on my list, flying under the radar that need spins on radio and space on home CD racks.

1. TRIN-I-TEE 5:7 ACCORDING TO CHANEL (Obsidian) – This album could easily win awards for its professional production value and artistic amplification. Chanel reveals a genuinely playful and personal side on her first project that’s quite endearing.









2. WORK IN PROGRESSETHAN KENT (Tonic Blueprint) – Essentially, Work In Progress is a real work of art, ranking as my favorite debut from a virtual unknown. Kent validates his aptitude as a composer, producer, vocalist and musician. Sound the alarms…this one is on fire !!!

3. 1 & 6 – GOD’S CHOSEN (God’s Chosen) – This divinely called trio known as God’s Children delivers powerful praise, anointed vocals and amazing musicianship that’s well beyond their years and well beyond your expectation as a consumer. Now what’s the story behind 1 & 6 ???
4. ONE BLOOD – PAPA SAN (Beloved) – Righteous. Rhythmical. Reggae. Those are the three “Rs” you need to know about this record. You should also know that there are appearances by Fred HammondIsrael Houghton and Lecrae on the project, just to name a few. Case closed.
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