Artist: Bryan Andrew Wilson

Album: The One Percent

Street Date: 6/17/14

Record Label: JDI Records

Genre: Gospel/R&B

iPod Pick: Stepped In

In life, we face down moments when we think we can’t go on again, right in that moment. Sometimes the pain that comes with living gets us asking questions like ‘will this darkness ever pass away?’  Can I quickly highlight: everyone one wants the darkness to pass. Everyone wants some sunshine; moments when everything is just going right. The fact is a lot of us want to live a life that comes along with no ache and pain all through. This is not subjective, be you a Christian or not, in the deepest part of us we long for the eternal sunshine in life. And classic gospel has gained a reputation of inspiration and tangible encouragement over the years, even in the secular market. I remember going through a mainstream magazine some years back and there was a piece about overcoming depression, guess what? The writer recommended gospel music. I think it was no 3 or so on the list.

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