It’s back-to-school time and it may also be time to take your child to a doctor or clinic for a vaccination or booster shot. At Rainbow’s Family Clinic, Dr. Robin Strosaker is the director of Inpatient Services and while she admits, kid’s do not like getting shots, it is important they do.
“Nobody likes to see a child in pain, get poked a bunch of times. But it’s so much kinder than having a child get ill and potentially pass away from vaccine preventable illness,” said Dr. Strosaker.

In fact, diseases like measles and mumps made a comeback this year, partly because some parents chose not to get their children vaccinated. In Ohio, parents have that right. Dr. Strosaker says some parents link vaccinations to autism, a link she says simply is not true.
“I’m a mom and my oldest child has autism. I’ve read the studies over and over. He’s fully vaccinated and so are his brothers. I feel that strongly about the fact there is no link between autism and vaccines.”
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