One of the most important things as kids head back to school is keeping them safe while they are there.

Unfortunately with the number of school shootings over the last several years, districts have had to reevaluate what they do to make sure students are safe in the classroom.

This year Willoughby Eastlake School District has new technology that lets police see the layout of a school building before they even arrive to the building.

Director of Operations and Security Steve Nedlick said, “We’re going to save minutes which ultimately saves lives.”

In North Royalton, a new radio system lets school administrators talk directory with police dispatchers, “Immediately, without making phone calls or jumping through any hoops. This will get the first responders here a lot sooner,” said Superintendent Greg Gurka.

But some schools are not passing the test when it comes to safety. Security Expert Tim Dimoff walked right into some Northeast Ohio schools, unannounced and unchallenged.

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