The countdown is on for Saturday’s preseason Browns game at First Energy Stadium. If you’re going to the game or plan to tailgate, there are some changes you’ll need to know.

First on the list is the pedestrian bridge. For all ten home games, its helped transport thousands upon thousands of fans from the Willard Parking Garage to the stadium. But the gates are now locked.

“They should never do that. It’s messed up. That’s the way to get to the game,” said fan Ron Calhoun.

The city says the change will improve traffic flow and give fans a safer route that does not involve crossing the ramp to the Shoreway. They’ve come up with alternative ways to walk to the stadium, but none are a direct route.

“I think we’ll soon find out what a pain it is. There is not much we can do if the city is going to shut it down. It is a headache for fans because we do use it a lot,” said fan John Adkins.

The second area we looked at is tailgating. Police want to remind fans that there is no tailgating in the Willard parking garage.

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