The average household television has changed a lot since 1999 when FirstEnergy Stadium was built. They’re bigger, they’re high-definition and they’re power-efficient.

Now, you’ll get the luxuries of home with stadium seating.

Out with the old and in with the new — make that two new video boards at the stadium that are nearly triple the size of the originals and the fourth largest in the NFL.

At its widest point, each Daktronics display measures 192 feet wide and they’re about 40 feet tall. For comparison, it would take over 1,500 40-inch TV’s to fill the size of these displays — nearly 7,000 square feet.

The displays aren’t just bigger than before. You’ll notice they’re also much closer.

Some of the upper level seating was moved to the lower bowl to make room for the jumbo-sized screens.

There are also 23 other screens installed around the stadium, including ribbon displays that go around the stands. Some are made to show stats, others will have interactive graphics.

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