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Preachers of LA Loretta appears to be taking the front seat to the first ladies on Preachers of LA in its second season now and breaking all kinds of records for viewers.

Loretta was still feeling some kind of way about LaVette about her and Bishop Ron Gibson don’t feel that they are not “Holy enough’ to participate in ministry together because they are not married.

While Loretta said that she was cool with their relationship up until now, she would accept his proposal if he asked. In episode one of season 2 Loretta also made it clear to LaVette that her life was NOT perfect and to in so many words to mind her business.

While going to dinner is an attempt to come to an understanding and smooth things over, the two parties did not see eye to eye at all regarding Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta’s relationship. In fact, Bishop Ron Gibson and Lady LaVette asked Noel and Loretta straight up if their relationship is platonic or sexual in nature. If it’s the latter, the Gibsons believe they should not put their reputations on the line by participating in an event that Loretta is helping to manage. Loretta’s response: “What part of this is none of your business?” Loretta believes the Gibsons don’t know her well enough to judge.

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