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(L-R)Adam Harrington, Kevin Durant, Pastor Carl Lentz visit Pastor Levi Lusko at the Fresh Life Church in Kalispell, Mont.

Kevin Durant may be spending time away from the NBA off season as an assistant to popular Hillsong New York City Pastor Carl Lentz.

Durant, the 25-year-old Oklahoma City Thunder forward, has publicly shared his love for Jesus Christ on numerous occasions and was baptized at Hillsong Church in New York City last year. Although it may not have been in an official capacity, the pastor took to Instagram to share images of he and Durant who recently took a trip to Montana.

There, the pair visited the Fresh Life Church in Kalispell, Mont. led by Pastor Levi Lusko and were also accompanied by professional basketball trainer Adam Harrington. Lentz shared a photograph of the foursome spending time with one another.

“It was truly a blessing to spend a few days in MONTANA with @levilusko and his AMAZING CHURCH! Levi has always inspired me to remember that we can’t always choose what happens TO US, but we can always control what comes THROUGH US..,” Lentz captioned the photograph. “He is a world class leader! (Kevin Durant) (Adam Harrington) solid road assistants/interns..#overqualified #shotsfired #literally.”

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