Though he was bursting at the seams to detail suspended Cleveland Browns receiver Josh Gordon’s impending arrival to his dual Ford & Chevrolet dealerships smack in the middle of this small Portage County community, owner John Sarchione honored his word to Gordon by not talking to any media until Friday.

It was too late for the story to spread, however. Social media leaks early Thursday morning regarding the two joining forces had sports shows abuzz with fans shaking their heads either as to why, or how, Gordon chose tiny Randolph, Ohio, or why he hadn’t kept his 2014 off-field exploits non-existent so that today’s story would instead be his excitement to play the Steelers in the 2014-15 season opener.

But, the story is that, somehow, the Sarchione Auto Group landed Gordon as their “Goodwill Ambassador” according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

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