Deitrick Haddon, gospel singer-songwriter, music producer, and pastor, reckons that the lows he went through after separating from his first wife, Damita, helped him come up with the idea for Oxygen networks’ reality TV show “Preachers of L.A.”

In a recent interview, Haddon admits that he was on a “war against God” and he would do anything other than what he should be doing, because he felt neglected and betrayed by the people who were supposed to be there for his support. He adds that he did things that were incompatible with his character, such as going to strip clubs, drinking alcohol and impregnating his new girlfriend.

Haddon claims that when he was at an all-time low, he received a call from an old friend and fellow preacher, Zachery Tims, who had gone through many problems of his own, according to Haddon. He adds that instead of asking Tims how he was doing and offering to help him if he could, he poured out his own troubles and discussed the possibility of coming up with a reality TV show.

Haddon continues that he thought no more about the idea of a reality show until he heard about the death of Tims from a drug overdose in a New York hotel room. He adds that this was when he realized he had been so caught up in his own issues that he didn’t hear a friend who had obviously been reaching out for help. His solution? Create a reality TV show.

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