So much to talk about: As top world leaders meet for a second and final day,  there’s a lot at stake.  From a relentless conflict in Ukraine, to the fast-spreading ISIS terror group that is conquering parts of Iraq. It’s no wonder this week’s NATO summit in Wales is considered “the most important gathering of leaders in more than a decade.” Here’s what to expect from this crucial meeting.


Farewell to the queen of comedy: The world got a little less sassier, a little less funnier yesterday. Joan Rivers started her career as a stand-up comedian – quick to poke fun at herself in her trademark  raspy voice. By the time she died yesterday at 81, she was a  pioneering icon who mocked the world in her own brutal but hilarious way. If there’s an afterlife, it’s got one heck of a comedy duo . Her good friendRobin Williams died last month after an apparent suicide.


Close call: Keep  your helmet nearby! A newly discovered asteroid will zip by Earth  on Sunday. But not to worry – NASA says it won’t hit Earth or any of the thousands of satellites orbiting the planet. The asteroid won’t be visible to the naked eye, but it will give astronomers and scientists a chance to study it.

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