Actor Andra Fuller plays “Fish” in the controversial show “Black Jesus.”

One of the co-stars of the controversial Adult Swim Network’s “Black Jesus” says the show portrays Jesus as a compassionate preacher, the same way He was on earth.

Andra Fuller, who stars as “Fish,” follows an African American Christ character from Compton, California, that curses frequently in conversation and smokes pot. Prior to the show’s premier in August, Christians and others alike wanted it canceled for its blasphemous content. Fuller now admits those protests and negativity have outweighed “how much heart the show has.”

“… The same things that we’re taught Jesus did, are the same thing Black Jesus is doing. No matter his circumstances, he still shows compassion and loves all man,” Fuller said in an interview with Paste Magazine. “The only difference is, it’s in a different environment, and he’s been influenced by his environment. But at the core, it’s Jesus Christ blessing people, performing miracles, and helping people out and preaching compassion.”

Fuller also noted that the controversy surrounding the show is not fair as other shows with similar devalued morals are on air. He said he was triggered to rant on Twitter recently about how people have wanted to boycott “Black Jesus” yet many viewers tune into reality shows where “there’s a rapper who has seven kids by four different women.”

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