“LOCAL”. It’s everywhere.

Is it a buzzword? Yes. Is it a trend? Maybe; but what it definitely is, is a very important way to market for small businesses. Hyper-local marketing is a must if you’re trying to grow your business in your community. Geo-targeted mobile marketing is a PERFECT way to do just that.

“But how does it work?”

Your business can run ads on an Mobile Ad Network, and specify time of day, and location that your ads will be served on hundreds or mobile websites. When I say “location”, I mean very specific location. For example, if you own a new restaurant near Progressive Field, you can specify that your ads run before, during and after the game, to people using their smartphones to visit mobile websites, within a three block radius of the park.

Geo-Targeting gets VERY specific. You could target your competitors; people leaving a concert, or stuck in traffic jams. Your ad will show up in apps like The Weather Channel, and other popular mobile sites. This article from Mobile Marketing goes into depth about the importance of geo-targeted marketing.

Source: Mobile Marketing

Radio One together with Radiate Media provide an impressively large ad network so your business can serve ads exactly when, where and how you want to serve them.

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