Early Monday, security camera video was released by TMZ of former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, and showed him knocking out his then fiancée and now, wife, Janay Palmer, in a casino elevator in Atlantic City in February.

The video showed Rice punching his wife in the face, and then, standing over her limp body until the elevator day opened. When the elevator opened, Rice was seen dragging Palmer’s body into the hallway before talking with someone who appeared to be hotel security while she laid on the ground. After coming to, Rice’s wife slapped away his hand as he reached for her.

Following the release of the video, the Ravens — who previously stood by Rice and tweeted a comment from Palmer apologizing for her role in the incident — terminated his contract, and the NFL announced that a two-game suspension had been increased to an indefinite ban.

“I saw the video this morning, deeply disturbing, especially as a father that has two daughters,” Browns coach, and former Ravens assistant, Mike Pettine said. “There’s just no place for that behavior in our society.”

Following the announcement of Rice’s two-game suspension, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell instituted a domestic violence policy where a first incident was worth a six-game suspension, and a second would earn a player an indefinite ban.

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