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Popular recording artist Carman Licciardello recently spoke out in defense of Joel Osteen, whom he called “a God ordained bridge between the mainstream world and the church,” and called for Christian critics to stop “terrorizing” the successful megachurch pastor.

Osteen is often criticized by some Christians for promoting a watered-down Gospel and teaching positive thinking and prosperity instead of preaching about sin and repentance. The megachurch pastor and best-selling author leads along with his wife and other ministers America’s fastest-growing church, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Osteen always invites listeners at the end of his sermons to make Jesus their Lord and Savior, and encourages them to get plugged into Bible-based local churches.

But those actions matters very little, according to critics, when they are weighed against the content of what Osteen teaches (read Michael Brown’s open letter to the Osteens), which some observers feel was typified in a recent YouTube clip posted online of Victoria Osteen making controversial remarks about Christians and worship of God.

Licciardello, who goes professionally by just his first name, pushed back against those critics in a Sept. 13 Facebook post that claimed “credible church leaders” have been “terrorizing” Joel Osteen for “everything he’s not” instead of celebrating how God has been using him as a “world class seed sower.”

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