Listen to the latest single from Pastor Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago. Jenkins’ last single, “Awesome”, reached #1 on Gospel charts. The song has been promoted on The Yolanda Adams Morning Show and the James Fortune Show.

According to a promotional release: “War” is a brand new church anthem of victory, faith, determination, and spiritual resolve from Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago. Written by Jenkins, “War” embodies a motivational message rooted in 2 Corinthians 10:4 and Ephesians 5:10-18 inspiring you to bear down using the power of prayer, praise, focus, and faith during every moment of your life. It’s been said “life is not a beach, it’s a battlefield.” If that’s true, this song is for you!

Pastor Charles Jenkins and his wife Tara Jenkins have also released the “#War Prayer Guide” which includes the lyrics of the song as well as 12 devotionals, sample prayers, and Scriptural confessions. The prayer guide can be downloaded here (PDF).

Below is an excerpt from the prayer guide.


Written by Charles & Tara Jenkins, 2013

Verse 1

I got joy in my soul

God is in control

I got Satan on my trail

But I’m singing all is well

He’s attacking everyday

But I’m watching while I pray

No matter the attack

I won’t turn back

‘Cause This Means War


This means war

I Plead, I Plead The Blood

This means war

Verse 2

I’ve been in the storm and the rain

But the blood still stays the same

Whatever’s going wrong

My war clothes are on

I might be in a daze

But you can’t have my praise

Whatever the attack

I won’t turn back

‘Cause This Means War


This means war

I Plead I Plead The Blood

This means war


You can’t have my family

You can’t have my increase

You can’t have my breakthrough

You can’t have my, you can’t have my

You can’t, you can’t, you can’t, I Plead

I Plead, I Plead the Blood

‘Cause this means war…

Fighting for Your Family


Whatever God brings together, Satan wants to destroy. Your family is your special unit, your home team, your distinct, and unique biological tribe. Your family is uniquely yours although you may not always feel the love. Every family faces challenges, attacks, trials, opportunities and great blessings. Satan wants your family broken, tattered, torn, splintered, and fragmented. Satan wants your home to be a hub of hatred, dissension, confusion, chaos, and restlessness. But you must reject that notion, fighting with everything for God’s goodness to be alive within your family. You must be intentional in your family vision, family values, family virtues and your quest for victory within your family. Love is the foundation, faith is the fuel, hard work is the key, but tenacity is your secret weapon. God wants you to fight for your family while He is fighting with and for you!!!

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