Kirk Franklin is known as one of contemporary gospel music’s most popular staples, and he is passing on his recipe for success to newcomers the Walls Group.

Ranging in ages from 16 to 23, the quartet, though young in theory, have proven to be mature in practice. Their debut album, Fast Forward, which Franklin executive produced, snagged the No. 1 spot on the gospel sales chart. Instant success of this degree is hard to come by, but the “I Smile” singer credits it to the group’s innate familial chemistry.

“There is a unique sound that can come from siblings who sing together all the time,” Franklin told “They are not aware at the moment that they are actually creating a special sound that takes most people years to create. That’s what I heard, and that’s why I was all in.”

What surprised Franklin more than their ability to effortlessly and collectively collaborate was their ages. The group consists of four siblings; two young men, Darrel, 23; and Paco, 18; and two young women, Rhea, 19; and Ahjah, 16.

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