Imagine this! What if you had 78 ways to dress like Olivia Pope? Well, thanks to The Limited there’s an entire collection inspired by Kerry Washington’s character on “Scandal.” All over the world gladiators (especially me) are doing the happy church dance as I type this post.

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And to get us even more excited everything in this collection is priced from $49 to $250 and features light pencil skirts, chic coats, print blouses, and really everything us gladiators need to wear in order to get things done.

Kerry Washington worked along side The Limited’s head designer Elliot Staples and “Scandal” costume designer Lyn Paolo to show that success and fashion aren’t mutually exclusive. Kerry says, “Women often feel that they have to be either smart or beautiful, powerful or pretty, either fashion forward or successful, and I think this clothing line says you can be all of those things. You can be fabulous and fearless. And you don’t have to compromise who you are as a woman to fit somebody’s expectation of what power looks like.”

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