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While there’s a heated debate over the handling of the NFL’s domestic violence scandal, there’s no argument over the ripple effect its caused across the nation and here at home. Just ask the staff at Safe Haven Tarrant County.

“After the Ray Rice incident was exposed toward the end of July, our hotline calls in August doubled,” said president Mary Lee Hafley.

She says with more people looking for help, organizations are creating safer ways for victims to find it.

“More and more, people are making their initial contact to us through our website or through social media,” she said.

So, you’ll notice on Safe Haven’s site there’s a box in the corner where victims can click to quickly hide the page should their abuser walk into the room. That same idea is also in an application for smartphones. The app is called Aspire News. Download it and it looks like an app with the latest stories, but it’s a cover.

Designed with domestic violence victims in mind, with the touch of one button, it takes you to a screen where you can send a message like ‘Call 911’ or ‘Come get me’ to your pre-selected trusted contacts. You can then send that distress call while on the news page with three taps of your finger, with the idea that sending it in secret keeps you safe.

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