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Residents around Superior Elementary continue fighting to drive on safe roads on East Cleveland. Several residents took their complaints to the Ward 2 coalition meeting Monday night at Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church.

The city has already received several claims for people asking for reimbursements from damage to their car due to potholes like the ones outside Superior Elementary School. The dozens of potholes range from one to five inches deep and some are as big as 15-by-8 feet.

“The long pipe was disconnected from where it’s supposed to be hooked on to but all that’s gone now ’cause all it’s doing is bouncing up and down,” said James Stallings. “So if I ride passed any of these bumps you’ll see the long pipe just bouncing.”

This is a daily complaint for Drivers on Garfield Road and Lamert Street.

“Terrible, that’s about $130,” he said.

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