“Life and death are in the tongue,” Proverbs 18:21

Life and death come from our words. Yet I hear so much crazy talk from Christians. Here are some  crazy, spiritually deranged statements I’ve heard Christians say to other Christians:

“You must have sin in your life, because you have cancer.”

“You must not have anything to offer, because your kids don’t come to church anymore.”

“You must have done something wrong, because your wife/husband won’t come to church.”

When my friends have told me that these statements were said to them by other Christians, I want to talk some Bible sense into them.

Telling someone battling with a life-threatening disease that they must have brought the disease on themselves because they sinned is not life.

Telling a mom or a dad who have been faithful and love God that they must not have anything to offer spiritually because their kids don’t come to church with them is not life.

Telling a wife or husband that they must have done something wrong because their spouse won’t come to church with them is not life.

Such statements bring death, disappointment, despair and grief. I call these statements “crazy talk” because this is spiritual insanity to put such a load on your brothers or sisters who are doing everything they know to believe God for healing, believe God for their children or salvation for their spouse.

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