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Kimberly Grove makes her hour trip from Medina to Cleveland about three times a week so she can finish her Drug Court obligations. “This is my third time in recovery. They are giving me a lot of tools that I didn’t have before,” she said after coming out of the 47th graduation ceremony of the Greater Cleveland Drug Court.

“This time it’s not so hard I have a lot going for me,” she continued. The event was held Wednesday night at the Victory Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church along Broadway in Cleveland. 27 people graduated the program, which brings the overall number to 1,425 graduates since the program began 16 years ago.

Groves has been in the program about 2 months and if she messes up she will be looking at jail time. “This time it’s not so hard. I have a lot going for me. I have a son that needs me,” she said.

The event was also a tribute to Judge Anita Laster Mays who is stepping down as it’s leader at the end of the year.

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