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A man who bilked congregants of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Georgia out of millions of dollars has plead guilty in federal court.

Ephren Taylor, who reportedly scammed investors via his “Building Wealth Tour,” recently made the plea in Atlanta.

U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said in a statement published by the Atlanta Daily World on Tuesday that the plea brings “a measure of justice” to Taylor’s victims.

“Taylor’s guilty plea brings a measure of justice for the hundreds of his victims, including those hard-working Georgians who lost their life savings to his criminal scheme,” stated Yates.

Taylor was first introduced to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church via Bishop Eddie Long, who promoted Taylor’s investment plans in October 2009.

Long described Taylor as “my friend, my brother, the great Ephren Taylor,” and encouraged members to give their money to the fraudster.

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