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The increased box office performance of spiritually charged movies such as “Heaven Is For Real” and “Son of God” tell us that there are masses of people who believe there is a power greater than what we see. In essence, there is an audience that is strongly persuaded that there is something supernatural beyond the word we know.

With that said, if many believe

that heaven is fore real and that Jesus is truly the Son of God, then are the healing miracles and supernatural events that Jesus performed also real and are they still happening today? According to Prophetess Marcia Morrison and theStronghold Christian Church of Atlanta, GA, the answer is a resounding yes!

On September 14, 2014 during the Uncommon Favor Summit hosted at Stronghold Christian Church by Drs. Benjamin and Sherry Gaither, several supernatural events took place. However, one of those events was a healing miracle that astounded even doctors in the medical community. Here’s what happened

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