The Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association says the city is being too harsh in disciplining several officers caught gambling and loitering on the job.

Documents from the city’s safety department say officers broke from their assigned patrols to hang out at the Marathon station on St. Clair Avenue and East 40th Street, taking favors of coffee and other perks while some played the lottery, all without paying.

Out of six officers suspended for their actions at an east side gas station, the union says just one is to blame.

Documents say Patrol officer John Hotz started this practice in January 2014, going off the grid to spend lunch and other breaks at the gas station in his police district.

Two of the other officers charged were his partners Charles Boddy and Robert O’Brien.

Jeff Follmer, a spokesman for the union, says they did nothing wrong, in fact they turned Hotz in for his behavior. They face six unpaid days off.

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