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The Veterans Day holiday ended a little early for some ODOT snow plow drivers.  Crews were called into work at 10:00 p.m. Tuesday to prepare for the first winter blast of the season.

“It’s coming to soon,” said one Northeast Ohio resident.

“We got salt ready, but we’re not really wanting it to come yet,” said another resident.

“We at ODOT like to say the first is the worst when it comes to motorists and getting their winter driving habits back,” said Amanda McFarland, an ODOT spokeswoman.

There will be 80 crews on 12 hour shifts that will remain around the clock until the snow stops falling in Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga counties.

“They’ll be looking over the equipment. We did all of our operational readiness stuff a few weeks ago. We’ve been testing our equipment for many weeks, making sure that the plow blades are on tightly, salt spreaders are working correctly, fluids are right, windshield wipers are up to date,” said McFarland.

Crews with the city of Cleveland are making similar preparations.

The public works director says the city will be at full salt capacity by next week and have already attached snow plows to their fifty salt trucks.

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