*It may seem like Michelle Williams is always in Kelly Rowland and Beyonce‘s shadows. But she has shed so much light on her journey.

Williams has a popular album, “Journey to Freedom” and a new show on Oxygen, “Fix My Choir.”  And with all her paychecks, she isn’t worried about her haters.

“Being free from negative thoughts, it’s a daily process. I can’t read comments on blogs because people will tear you down and make you feel worthless because unfortunately, a part of you might believe what was said,” she told HuffPost Live.

The Internet has attacked her over not being like Rowland or Queen Bey plenty of times, but she isn’t worried about it anymore.

“I was guilty of attaching my self-worth according to how people viewed me. So I encourage people not to attach their value to your career. Attach your value to how you treat people; not to what you have in the bank,” she said.

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