FAMU grad and Fox Sports broadcaster Pam Oliver says her experience at an HBCU was a memorable one.  Although she might not be there if she’d listened to her father who warned her that the school was a “party school.”

“I got there and it was some very nice parties,” she says. “I went to some of them. But it was also very serious academics and being in the athletic department that was kind of another job with another set of eyes of people that nurtured you and took care of you and watched out for you and admonished you when necessary. It was all of that.”

Among her many accomplishments, Oliver ran track for the school and made it into the FAMU Sports Hall of Fame.

“I didn’t like to run even when I ran track,” she laughs. “That’s the one thing I was fairly capable of doing and at some point, it started to pay for my education.”

Oliver was a news reporter at first but got into sports when she asked a controversial question at a Tampa Bay Buccaneers press conference in Florida. That one question changed her life, she says, because it moved her from news into sports where she’s been ever since.

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