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You may have heard of the slow eating craze, where slowing down bites can help people enjoy their meal, even lose weight. Now there’s a slow reading craze.

Experts say we’re dumbing ourselves down by just skimming headlines and text. They say it’s time to take a breather.

All day we rush through and surf the Internet or scan work documents. If we finally sit down to read a book, we pride ourselves on finishing as fast as possible.

“What we’re really trained to do these days is not to read, it’s actually scanning,” said professor David Mikics.

Professors Thomas Newkirk and David Mikics are so bothered by our short attention spans, they both wrote books on a practice called “slow reading.”

“What slow reading is, is the deliberate practice of trying to get back to that kind of experience that you had as a kid, where you just feel completely absorbed by the literary work,” said Mikics.

“It’s not necessarily just about reading slowly, it’s about having a relationship with what you’re reading,” said Newkirk.

It’s turning into a movement with a growing number of groups from Italy to the U.S. People read and discuss, like a book club, only slower.

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