Perfecting’s Response: WXYZ story: “Who Owns this Dump” 11.19.14

We have seen the preview of the negative story that WXYZ will run regarding properties owned by Perfecting Church. Perfecting Church has purchased several properties from the city of Detroit as well as from Wayne County that sat dormant on their rolls for many, many years. We purchased these properties for the purpose of revitalizing the neighborhoods in which they exist. To date, we have demolished several of the properties and will continue with demolition. I’m not aware if you are knowledgeable in this area, but property demolition costs several thousands of dollars; we continue with demolitions as funds are raised. As owners of the properties we also continually address and correct the issues of illegal dumping, squatters, etc. Perfecting Church has only improved the area in which we’ve purchased properties and our commitment continues to be in an area in Detroit overlooked by many.

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