photo courtesy of CBN
When Christian wife and mom Joyya Thomson watches her children play and enjoys the everyday stuff of life,

she does so with a heart full of gratitude.

With tears in her eyes she recalls the night doctors told her she had a tear in a valve in her heart and needed

open heart surgery. But God stepped in.

“I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and it felt like I was breathing, trying to breathe under water. It started in my

abdomen and I could not bear the pain,” Joyya told CBN’s “The 700 Club.”

It was four days after giving birth to her second child—a son—that things took a turn for the worst, quickly.

Joyya was carrying a lot of weight in her legs and feet, and says “I knew that something was horribly wrong.”

While at the hospital, the new mom learned that doctors were certain there was a tear in the valve of her heart,

requiring a serious medical procedure.

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