Hands up for a hug: A moment of reconciliation has emerged from the avalanche of dark images of protests over the shooting of Mike Brown. A photo of a white cop hugging a black teen in tears at a protest in Portland, Oregon, has gone viral. Ferguson is high on President Obama’s agenda today with a Cabinet meeting on law enforcement. Then he sits down with elected officials, civil rights activists and faith leaders talk about building trust in American communities.


Freed and still detained: The fight for their freedom seemed won. An appeals judge in Qatar cleared American couple Matthew and Grace Huang yesterday of a conviction in the death of their 8-year-old adoptive daughter early last year. Off to the airport they went, finally to go home after nearly two years of being snagged in the justice system. But they didn’t make it. Immigration officials took away their passports after a new warrant was issued for their arrest, leaving them stranded in the country.


The rush is…off: Black Friday? Who cares anymore? Because today is Cyber Monday. 1.8 million fewer shoppers than last year wrested goods from the hands of strangers in stores on Friday, many opting for cyber shopping instead. Even before today’s cyber specials, driving online traffic saved shoppers from driving in city traffic. Overall sales went up this weekend by 27% retailers said. Guns in particular boomed on Friday, setting a record for federal background checks – 175,000 in one day. That’s about three every second.

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