For Angel Tree children, Christmas time is especially lonely, a time when they miss their parents the most. Each gift of $14.08 you give will help reach an Angel Tree child with a Christmas gift, the Gospel, and a loving message from their absent parent. Will you introduce these innocent children to their loving Savior, Jesus Christ today?

Support Angel Tree This Christmas.

Christmas is coming soon, and Angel Tree’s goal is to reach 375,000 children of prisoners who hope for a Christmas filled with joy. They yearn for their absent parent’s love, and more than that, they need to know that Jesus Christ can fill the void in their hearts and is able to bring healing and restoration to their families destroyed by crime.

Each $14.08 you send right now will help reach ONE prisoner’s child with a Christmas gift, the Gospel, and a loving message given on behalf of their parent in prison.


For a gift of $84 or more, you’ll get The 2014 Collectible Angel Tree Christmas Ornament AND Prison Fellowship’s Hope book which beautifully illustrates Prison Fellowship’s ministry and the redemptive work of Christ through photos and stories of those once incarcerated.

Click Here to learn more and make a donation to Angel Tree today!

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