The Chicago skyline is seen beyond the arctic sea smoke rising off Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois, January 6, 2014.

Members of a Chicago church who were given $500 each made possible from a real estate deal the church received are using their share to help various programs and initiatives around the city.

LaSalle Church, handed out $500 to each of its congregants back in September and urged them to use the money to bless someone else. According to their pastor, Laura Truax, that’s exactly what they have done.

Truax says she learned the concept in the part of the Gospel where Jesus teaches that wherever people’s hearts are, that’s where they will spend their money.

“Those things are so connected,” said Truax to The Christian Post. “Heart and money are completely connected. And I feel like I get a front row seat on that.”

She shared various testimonies, revealing what some of the people have done with the money.

Married couple Janet and Jim Milkovich donated their portion to a health food program called Breakthrough Urban Food Ministries that helps to provide healthy meals to many people throughout the city including older people with its Fresh Market Pantry initiative.

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