NBC just released the first official trailer of the upcoming “The Bible” followup, “A.D.” which will focus on the events after the death of Christ and the formation of the early church.

The show will debut on NBC Easter Sunday 2015, and the trailer shows some of the violent and tumultuous times surrounding the last days of Christ.

“The Bible” and “A.D.” was created by husband and wife duo Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

“These disciples, after Jesus dies and resurrects, the Holy Spirit comes upon them and there is only one way for them-that’s spreading the good news of Jesus,” said Burnett to Forbes Magazine, “What a drama. At some level it’s Game of Thrones, House of Cards. … This could become NBC’s biggest series in many, many years.” Even if it’s not, part of the biblical genre’s appeal is its global safety net: Noah, for instance, failed to earn back its $100 million budget in the U.S., but it’s gone on to earn $355 million worldwide.

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