The conversation is front and center. The Cleveland Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha gathered on the steps of city hall Thursday addressing the issue of gun involved interaction between police and the community.

On the city’s westside, an “Occupy Cleveland” group also met.

These meetings come on the heels of Ferguson and right here in Cleveland, people saying more needs to be done to better relations with police.

Attorney General Eric Holder’s report is putting a spotlight on the Cleveland Police Department.

“It doesn’t surprise me, some of the things that they put in that report. There has been an excessive use of violence by the police officers against African Americans,” says Terry Maynard, Chairman of the 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland.

He and other members of the organization are working with black teens on how to deal with law enforcement.

“Follow the officers commands. Keep your hands in a visible position. Don’t be unruly,” says Maynard.

Maynard was recently a part of a forum at Cuyahoga Community Collegeseveral weeks ago that included Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams and the ACLU.

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