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Fantasia Barrino may have been gushing about her new husband in recent weeks, but the singer has made it clear that God is still her priority.

Barrino, the 30-year-old Christian singer, recently took to Instagram, where she posted a video of herself performing while giving fans a glimpse of her spiritual beliefs.

“Some Follow Man I Follow Him … God!!! I know He keeps me..,” she wrote. “If they ALL Walk off and Leave Me … He Will Never Leave.”

While Barrino recently performed at the Legacy Affair in Washington, D.C., she took to Instagram to let it be known why it was important for her to pray before stepping on stage.

“Tonight was a Great Show.. I didn’t get to Do what I normally do before I hit the stage but before I stepped out there I prayed and He met me right there,” the singer wrote.

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