Ten year old, Robyn Gordon is proving to be a child sensation with her many talents. The young Christian girl is a singer, author, radio host and more. BREATHEcast caught up with her as she is in the process of recording her new gospel album to talk about her goals and future.

As a member of the Honor Choir at Hazelwood Elementary School in Clarksville, Tennessee the talented fifth grader is keeping focused on her grades but singing is certainly her passion. Gordon has been singing since the age of four. In 2012, she released her first CD Amazingand has had much experience on the stage. Gordon has performed at churches, back to school events, nonprofit organizations, concerts, and more.

Along with sharing the platform with many artists Gordon is also currently writing her first children’s book about bullying. She serves as a mentor to other children and is considered a leader in her community. When asked about her end goal in using her many gifts, she answered directly.

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