Billy Graham is still focused on spreading the good news found in the Bible, says his daughter Anne Graham Lotz. “He is 96, he has not yet lost his focus on the gospel, reaching people for Christ,” she described in a recent interview.

Reflecting on his ministry as a world famous evangelist and pastor to presidents, Lotz said there were many temptations that could have diverted Graham’s attention from his ministry. Instead, he remained faithful to his Bible calling.

The secret to Graham’s continued focus, Lotz explained, is his humility.

“[He] never lost his focus; it was never about him. My father’s a very humble man and I think that comes from his walk with God. If you walk with God, you’re not very impressed with yourself. It’s when people drift from God and they start reading the press or start seeing what other people say about them, then become either puffed up or they become or you know, whatever,” she told Premier Christian Radio.

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