At the beginning of the year the book world is flooded with devotionals. This one is different in that they are short precise passages that tie into a site which is visually engaging.

Jesus Daily is where you can learn how to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, read daily devotionals, learn about God, grow in your Faith, read Bible verses, and share the Gospel with friends!

Below is an excerpt from the  interactive devotional site.

The phrase seems simple. Just four words: “The Lord is good…,” yet these simple words reveal the very sum of the nature of God. God is perfectly good, the source of all that is good in the universe and in our individual lives. Because God is good, everything he created is good, yes, even us. The question arises then, “If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world?” The answer is not what most want to hear. All of that suffering is the result of our misuse of one of the greatest goods God gave us, our free will. God does not take back what he has freely and generously given. He has also given us intellect and conscience with which we can come to know the good and its opposite. It is our free will that chooses to cooperate with the good, or to rebel from it. The evil that occurs in human society, in all of its various manifestations, is our doing, not God’s.

The book follows each day of the year. You get the bible scripture and a short meditation for each day. I have discovered that it is a great meditation to use after lunch. It breaks the day up and allows you to have a nice adrenaline shot to go through the rest of the day.

When Dr Tabor,  who is a medical doctor was questioned why a man of science would engage in such a topic that started as a hobby he says:

I want it to be about encouragement. There are so many people battling cancer, fighting to keep their marriages together, struggling to restore relationships with their children,” he said. “There are people out of work, at the end of the line and I just want the Jesus Daily to be a central place where they find encouragement, no matter what battle they are fighting.

That’s a good place to be. The book will help. I highly recommend you get a copy and keep it at your desk.

The book is available as a hardcover Book, Electronic Book, Audiobook, Trade Paperback, Electronic Book 

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