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Six years in: President Obama touted a rebounding economy, laid out an agenda aimed at helping the middle class and appealed to Republicans to work across the aisle in his State of the Union address last night. He said the “verdict is clear” that his brand of “middle class economics” works, and he promised to veto any GOP attempt to roll back health care and the financial reforms.


Yes, but: In the Republican rebuttal, Sen. Joni Ernst talked a lot about the economy too, but the picture wasn’t nearly as rosy as the one painted by the White House. She made it clear that things haven’t fully recovered yet and much more still needs to be done. Ernst also talked about the November elections that swept her party into power in the Senate, saying the GOP has a mandate.


Rough skies: We’re getting a clearer picture into what happened to AirAsia Flight QZ8501. New data shows the Airbus A320 climbed quickly before it crashed. CNN Aviation Analyst Mary Schiavo said that means the plane encountered a “tremendous amount of winds and weather.” Experts have speculated since Day One that storms might have played a role in the plane crash.

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