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The weather outside is frightful: Manhattan is a ghost town. The Boston Common is buried in white. The New England coastline is being whipped by near hurricane-force winds and waves. Welcome to the blizzard of 2015. Up to 58 million people could be put into the deep freeze. More than 4,300 flights have been canceled today. And several states are asking motorists to stay off the road. New York’s mayor is calling it “one of the largest snowstorms in the history of the city.” Stay safe, northeasterners!


Ain’t nobody spies like us: The men would sometimes say they needed to meet to exchange tickets, but they never seemed to end up actually attending or discussing a sporting event or a concert. The reason for the puzzling behavior, according to a federal complaint, is that the men were Russian spiesexchanging intelligence information in New York City. But the FBI was watching. And yesterday, they arrested one of the men. (The other two got away).


Never surrender: After 112 days of fighting, Kurdish fighters have taken the Syrian city of Kobani from ISIS’ grip. A day earlier, Iraq said that its Diyala Province had been “liberated” from ISIS. So, that’s two pieces of good news in a brutal militant campaign. In Kobani, the Kurds were going house to house in the newly liberated area to check for booby traps. Once the traps are removed or defused, the fighters will invite residents to return to their homes.

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