Sherri Shepherd is co-hosting the Tom Joyner Morning Show every Thursday and as usual, she has plenty to say about life, love and current events. The actress/comedian, who recently appeared in the Chris Rock movie Top Five, has had her fair share of relatable experiences – from dealing with Type 2 diabetes and losing weight to her two divorces, custody battles and even job-related issues. Here’s her latest take on some of the issues that have come up this week.

On Christian Prenups: Christians believe you’re not supposed to do a prenup. They don’t talk about prenups.They talk about dowries in the bible, but not prenups because it’s in the event of divorce. They believe you are setting yourself up for divorce if you get a prenup. You’re going into the marriage believing and having faith that you’re making a covenant that will last forever until you both go. Is is about money or do you really love this person?

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