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CLOSE was able to catch up with gospel legend Dorinda Clark Cole in the midst of her busy schedule as she promotes her new album, Living It! Check out what she had to say when we asked her these 5 Questions…

GP: Living It is your fifth solo album. In terms of its message, how does Living It differ from your previous projects? What’s the theme of this album?

DCC: Living It represents the faith journey that I have been on, being not only in the gospel music industry, but in ministry. God has gotten me through some dire situations… some major tests that have made me know, for myself, what it means to walk by faith. That is what this album is all about. I am not just singing about faith, I am actually living it because God has shown up for me when I have needed him the most, and when I had nothing but faith to lean on.

GP: On each of your solo albums, you always show such musical versatility—- sometimes you do a live recording with churchy songs, other times it’s a studio album with urban tracks. How did you arrive at “your sound” on Living It?

DCC: On this album, because it is so personal, I really wanted a sound that would appeal to everybody. Old, young, churchgoers, non-churchgoers– I wanted there to be something that anyone could listen to and enjoy, and receive strength and hope from. It was important that I worked with a variety of producers and songwriters to craft a sound that was different for me, but that still represents who I am as an artist. Joe Wilson really assembled the creative team to make Living It an album for everybody.

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