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Temperatures may reach record lows Thursday and Friday. While the cold gets colder, some people are braving the bitter temps in nothing but a tent.

Kristina Schnitzler, 46, and Eddie Robinson, 65, live together in a tent. The pair lost their jobs and have struggled to find work.

“I was a longshoreman,” Robinson told Channel 3’s Hilary Golston.

Schnitzler did “injection molding at a plastics plant,” she explained. “Yeah, I was a foreman, but the plant shut down, so what are you gonna do?”

In the meantime, they collect scrap, cans, anything they can garner to purchase food. Robinson says he’s been on the streets since his mother died 10 years ago.

“I took it upon myself, being a man. I had to do what I had to do,” Robinson said. “My wife died. It ain’t cause I lost my mind… but I had to take care of myself… there wasn’t anyone out here to care of myself… but me.”

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