Dove award-winning rapper KB said recently that human suffering inspired his forthcoming album Tomorrow We Live. He also opened up about his troubled past, overcoming temptation and dealing with the perils of the music business.

On April 21, the 26-year-old Christian hip-hop artist, born Kevin Burgess, drops his highly anticipated, second studio album which features his brand new single “Sideways.”

“The album was inspired, like all my music is inspired, by my community in Tampa,” the St.Petersburg, Florida, native told The Christian Post. “So I’m in folks’ lives. I’m at the hospital with them, I’m at the nursing home, I’m at their house, I’m there when cancer strikes, adultery strikes, I’m there. So I very much have a front seat in the afflictions of people around me.”

The 116 Clique member was faced with his own personal struggles during his youth, particularly after moving from an Air Force base to the hood after his parents’ divorce. At one point, he found himself dabbling in drugs and battling depression but he was able to turn his life around after being introduced to faith through Christian rap.

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