Jackie Hill-Perry, a spoken word and hip-hop artist whose talents and unique testimony have garnered her popularity and praise, recently shared her story of leaving the gay lifestyle with televangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network.

“Growing up, Jackie was molested by a family friend, bullied in school, and fatherless, which accompanied with (an) inherent separation from God, led her into a lifestyle of rebellion, homosexuality, drug use, porn addiction, and everything wicked,” according to her online biography.

But, the biography continues, her sins did not keep God from loving her.

Hill-Perry, 25, recently married and as a new mother, shared that testimony of how she believes God pursued her and helped her turn away from homosexuality and other sins for a Christian life in a recently-aired CBN interview.

In the 7-minute video of her interview, Hill-Perry tells how “around first grade” she began experiencing gender confusion, and eventually in her teens acted on her attraction to other women.

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