Three arrested: The three men arrested yesterday, accused of wanting to join ISIS in Syria, apparently had big plans. The New York men wanted to hijack a plane (and give it to ISIS) and join the U.S. military to kill soldiers, the FBI said. The men also allegedly talked of assassinating President Obama. One of the men was arrested trying to catch a flight to Turkey. His lawyer accused the government of resorting to “ham-fisted tactics.”


CDC investigates: Is your doctor’s office making you sick? That’s what the CDC wants to know after a substantial number of people contracted a potentially deadly bacteria after visiting doctor’s offices. The bacteria, C. difficile, is usually found in hospitals, but a recent report found the bacteria on surfaces in six of seven outpatient clinics in Ohio. The CDC wants to see if this is becoming a nationwide problem.


South slammed: After being heavily criticized last year for their less-than optimal response to winter storms, Georgia and North Carolina were aggressive in combating ice and snow this year. States of emergency were declared well in advance, decisions on canceling school and work were made early and roads were pretreated. The storm — a fast-moving one, thankfully — stretches from Texas to the Carolinas.

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